• Video Production, Marketing and Distribution with Teena Hughes

    Video Production, Marketing and Distribution with Teena Hughes



People love videos and love sharing videos, so the chance of your video being viewed by more users online compared to text or banner ads is huge.


By using videos on your website and in your marketing strategies, your visitors will have a better viewing experience, and will stay on your website longer, which provides an opportunity to convert more sales.


No-one's got time to read long pages of text online. "Give me the answer to my question, and give it to me now." seems to be the average person's cry. A short, helpful and entertaining video will get the message across quickly, and will start the know, like and trust process to building relationships with your potential customers and clients.


Marketing Video Production

This service will give you a professional template based commercial video with music, effects and text.

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Marketing Video Production service for businesses

Professional Consultations

Teena Hughes has excellent ways and strategies to keep your customers engaged, and up-to-date on the latest news, events, and happenings with your business.

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Teena Hughes, owner and consultant

Custom Voiceover Extra

We have access to excellent voiceover artists: Australian English American or Canadian. Specify:  Male or Female.

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custom voiceover extra
PROFESSIONAL MARKETING VIDEOS We help businesses like yours find new customers by creating short video messages to promote your business. This is an extremely affordable way to get your business in front of potential new customers, whether local or international, and to potentially increase your revenue.
SUPER FAST VIDEO PRODUCTION We use state of the art video production technologies and software to create your videos quickly. As soon as your order is placed online, our Team go to work on it right away and the turn-around is days, rather than weeks or months.
PREVIEW & ORDER VIDEOS ONLINE Our pre-made videos and example videos provide a great way for you to visualise what YOUR video will look like. Ordering is quick and easy, reviewing and storyboards speed up the process, and your video will be ready for the world to view in no time at all. We also provide information on how to distribute your shiny new videos.

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