How can video marketing help a radio show? with Teena Hughes

How can video marketing help a radio show?

I just worked out the answer to "How can video marketing help a radio show?" I'll be honest with you -- I normally only listen to the radio in my car., [...]
Local business Youtube Videos ideas

Local Business YouTube Videos – Ideas To Use Today

I often hear local business owners telling me they couldn't possibly use videos in their business because there's nothing they could put on video -- and [...]
You should be using video marketing

Why You Should Be Using Video Marketing [Video]

What's the hottest new way to let people know about your products and services? Using video marketing just might be the answer to this ever-changing [...]

Three Reasons Video Marketing Fails [Video]

  If your video marketing fails, make sure you didn't make these mistakes! Video marketing is super hot, and [...]

An Introduction To Social Video Marketing [video]

What is social video marketing? On the surface, it's a way to get existing and potential customers to interact with your website. It's an entertaining [...]
Chasing website traffic

Why You Should Stop Chasing Website Traffic and Focus Instead on Building Relationships

It's the first question on everyone's lips. Everyone thinks it's THE most important question. Problem is, it's actually not -- in fact this should be [...]

Protected: Coffee Videos

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How can videos help my business? Q-002

Have you asked, "How can videos help my business?" You may be surprised at how important they are, they're quick and easy to watch and grab people's attention [...]
How to use video marketing for your business

Webinar How To Use Video Marketing For Your Business

Tearing your hair our trying to work out How To Use Video Marketing For Your Business? Watch my short Webinar to get an overview of how to get started, and [...]

Kitty Katt-Oh

Kitty Katt-Oh is our Spokespurrson and answers questions about video marketing.  If you'd like to be grab some tips on video marketing, sign up here to get [...]